3 Day Turnaround

Most orders from our inventory ship within 3 days from our warehouse in Los Angeles. Ask us for turnaround times on special orders or extra large orders. You can see an estimate of the shipping cost in our order form.



as many T-nuts as competitors

All our volumes have bomber T-nuts installed with 2 set screws. Our volumes have about twice as many T-nuts as most competitors to allow for more flexibility and creativity in route setting. T-nuts are placed away from the edges of the volumes so you can grab the volume without grabbing into the T-nuts.

Check out our BOMBER T-nuts here.



Blocz volumes can be bolted on or screwed on

All volumes can be bolted on from the outside of the volume, no backplate required.  This allows setters to easily add and remove volumes to and from any wall with T-nuts. Bolt-on volumes also allow us to provide larger volumes without the extra charge for a backplate. The bolt-on spot is reinforced with a washer and layer of resin under the wood.

All volumes can also be screwed on around the edge of the volume. All screw placements are pre-drilled and reinforced with special metal screw washers. You can use either countersunk screws or pan-head screws to attach the volume. Having this screw-on option allows you to put the volume exactly where you need it if a T-nut isn’t available. These screw-on spots also allow you to easily install set screws that are needed to prevent a larger volume from spinning.



The best texture.
It's not paint or truck bed liner, it's Blocz Texture!

Blocz texture is one of a kind. It’s not paint and it’s not truck bed liner, it’s our own special Blocz texture. Blocz texture is best described as having a similar texture to climbing holds, except that it is somewhat water absorbent, which helps keep it from becoming greasy or sweaty like it does with paint. The texture is made up of three rock-hard layers that are ultra-durable and can even withstand the abuse of a power washer without any effect on the texture or color. The texture can be produced in any one of our 27 standard colors or any custom color you want.


All Blocz volumes are made with 3/4 inch (18mm),
13 layer, high-quality birch plywood.

Birch is used because it provides the perfect balance between strength and elasticity. In addition, birch is a fast-growing tree making it an environmentally friendly choice. Since the volumes are made entirely of plywood, installing screw-on holds is a cinch.


Rounded corners are comfy!

The climbing hold industry has had ergonomic rounded edge holds for years, shouldn’t volumes? Unfortunately, this isn’t the standard for volumes and has become a cheap way for some volume manufacturers to cut corners. This isn’t the Blocz way… All Blocz volumes have comfy rounded corners that are hand sanded and designed for grabbing. Let's make this the standard.


Easy to clean
All volumes are power washable and scrubbable

Blocz volumes can easily be cleaned with a power washer or by scrubbing away any chalk or shoe rubber without damaging the Blocz texture.

Have a look at a before and after cleaning picture here.


Flat Volumes

We offer a wide range of flat and ultraflat volumes that are perfect for vertical or slab walls, where larger volumes stick out too much to be safe. These volumes’ slight angle changes make for interesting route setting and encourage technical climbing. We also offer all our flat volumes as a package deal.


Designed by setters, built by professionals

All Blocz volumes and holds are designed by experienced and professional setters. Once the designs are perfected, it's off to the professional woodworking team at Blocz to build the volumes by hand.